Cheap 3D printer kit

3D printers have now been out on the market for more than ten years.

They come fully assembled and then we got the 3D printers that require you to join them together better known as a 3D printer kit.

The prices of 3D printers are constantly going down, and new cheap 3D printing companies are appearing online almost every month. 

From desired tailored gifts to items of clothing that are easily made to fit all 3D printing can accomplish this and more! 

The prices of 3D printing machines and the complexity of them vary by the manufacturer or brand of the 3D printer that you purchase.

Most people prefer a plug and play 3D printer, but there are a few individuals who would like to know their 3D printing machines inside out.

3D printers’ kits are a perfect match for them also the low price are an incentive in the purchasing of a 3D printer kit. 

Below is a list of cheap 3D printer kits, click on the images to get their prices:














But the benefits of buying an already assembled printer is that all you need to power it up, choose your 3D design and hit print and watch the magic of creation happen! Again the competition and innovation surrounding 3D printing technologies have dramatically decreased the prices of 3D printers, therefore making it very affordable and attainable to the average consumer. A cheap 3D printer kit can be anywhere from $300 to $2000 but, of course, the quality of the prototype constructed by the machine will greatly depend on what you paid. A big mistake for you to do is to rush and get one without creating a checklist of personal requirements for your future projects regarding the usage of the 3D printer.

Therefore consider these questions before you purchase your first or next 3D prototyping machine:

  • What can of product do you desire to replicate?
  • Will the 3D printer be able to print the size of the item desired?
  • How much is CAD knowledge required to use the 3D printer?
  • Does it come with a 3D scanner?
  • How much assembly requires this 3D printer?

The length of time the 3D printer takes to produce the prototype,

Price of substance material which will be needed to construct the prototype.

Warranty and services which come with the 3D printer once purchased.

One organization that has profoundly contributed to the low-cost of 3D printers is Dr. Adrain Bowyer who started the RepRap project. We can consider the RepRap Project as the ultimate do-it-yourself (DIY) 3D-printer organization for it has given rise to many known 3D-printers including Makerbot, Prusa, Printrbot, and Huxley.  At Dr. Bowyer website’s you will find more than a couple of 3D printers also plans you find a forum and the support if you decide to build your 3D printing machine.

Furthermore, Dr. Bowyer is one of the co-creators of is where you can browse through their many categories of 3D models and once you found the right 3D-design which you would like to 3D print can easily download it to your computer all for FREE!

You can find not only very expensive 3D printers but also low-cost printers. Indeed, a cheap 3D printer kit will be the preferred choice for most consumers out there, and if you want to find the one that will fill your needs, you will take some time to find.

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