Sources For Learning 3D Scanning

You will have read in many places that 3D Scanning is the future, but how can you start learning about this industry?

Here is a list of useful resources that you can read and subscribe to, so you can enter the field of 3D Scanning:


The Wikipedia page on 3D Scanning explains very clearly the basic concepts and the history of 3D Scanning. It is the best place to start.


Yes, old books are still an excellent source of information. Although the Internet contains most of the content you need, books will give you structure in the reading, and they will help you to understand the subject better.

As an example, I have read the book “3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting, and Milling”.

It comes in eBook format; it explains very well all the concepts, the printers, and their current applications. It is also very affordable.  If you run a quick search on Amazon, you can find many other books with more accurate information about particular printers and 3D Scanning applications.

Advocates and user groups

There is no better knowledge of what you can get from people working with 3D Scanners and answering your questions.

This knowledge is the kind of experience you get from users and advocate groups. Check out for 3D Scanning communities in the area you live. You can register in meetups from your city or any other cities if you like.

Meetup groups are interesting, and they meet often. There you can use the different type of 3D scanners, listen to presentations, ask questions, make friends with similar interests, etc.

Social Media

Active LinkedIn groups share knowledge and often start fascinating discussions. There are many different groups.

On Twitter, you can just follow the hashtag #3dscanning or start following the different brands and specialists on the subject. There are interesting Twitter lists about the matter that you can follow.

In Facebook, you can like the following pages to start seeing updates.

In Google+, you can join the 3D Scanning community. It is very active.

You can also google the word “3D Scanning” or similar and save the search. Usually, you can see an entry every second or two.

Google Alerts

Create a Google alert for the words 3D Scanning and Additive Manufacturing. Every evening you will receive new notes, blog posts, etc. directly in your inbox.


You can subscribe to different specialist blogs.

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