Cubify 3D Printer Review

Cubify 3D Printer



If you watch nearby you right now, you will probably recognize that most of the 3-dimensional objects in the room you are in are composed of more than just a single color. 3D printers like the Cubify 3D Printer are great, but the problem most of them have is that the items they print can be no more than one color.

The Cubify CubeX Trio is better than the competition because it can print things in not one, not two, but three different colors. This is an advantage that suits most every designer.

With this type of variety in the color of the 3D items you print, you may be under the impression that the printer sacrifices other features in order to fulfill a wide color array. The reality is that the Cubify Trio has plenty of other features that flat-out put it in a different category than most of its competitors. In the following few sections, all of the Trio’s attractive features will be discussed and analyzed.


Bigger is Better

One of the main gripes that designers have had with 3D printers up to this point is that the items they print, while useful and reliable, are too small. The Cubify Trio and its designers took this complaint into consideration when designing this printer and quite frankly exceeded the expectations of the general public.

With a print area of 1,098^3 inches, the Trio offers the biggest in the industry. The enlarged printing area allows you to create items with dimensions as big as 10.75 inches in width, 10.75 inches in length, and 9.75 inches tall. These dimensions are broad enough to be able to print a regulation-sized soccer ball.

Software of Cubify 3D Printer

Though it may seem nonsensical to you, many 3D printers do not include the appropriate software and thus force you to spend extra dollars and waste additional time to buy the compatible programs. The Cubify CubeX Trio trumps the competition in this category because it is included with the printing software at no extra charge.

The software is known as the Cubify Invent software and can upload your prints as well as tap into the 3D Systems website and download any copies that may be useful to you. The software is even able to run diagnostics on the printer, though this can be easily done via the printer’s touchscreen. The initial diagnostics work to level the printing area as well as calibrate the 3D printing heads. The flexibility of this software to include both your designs and those downloaded from the web mean that you will never be at a loss for viable printing designs.

Coloration Variety of Cubify 3D Printer


Having touched on it in the opening paragraph, you already know that the Cubify CubeX Trio is capable of printing objects that are up to three different colors. In order to be able to print in three different colors means that the Cubify Trio must have three distinct printing heads each equipped with their own cartridges.

The CubeX can print in a thickness of .25mm and offers you three different print speeds depending on how detailed you want the printing to be. The three speeds at which you are able to print are as follows:

High Definition-best quality, slowest print speed

Crisp Definition-mid-range quality with an average print speed

Standard Definition-lowest quality, fastest print speed

To put it in perspective, the CubeX can print 15mm per second at its fastest print speed. This means that it would take about a little under a half hour for you to print a full-sized soccer ball.

Conclusion of Cubify 3D Printer

With a huge print area and the ability to create items with multiple colors, you will find it nearly impossible to find a better value on such a useful 3D printer. The technology behind the Cubify CubeX Trio is stunning and works to make the life of the designer as easy as possible, and isn’t that what every 3D printer designer wants?


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