3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D Printer

The 3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D Printer is also a great 3D printer with many advanced features available.


Wire management

In 3DMakerWorld they know you do not like messy wiring. That was the reason why they spent tons of time and effort to manage those cables. They even went back to change the machine design multiple times to get a better routing option. Finally, they worked out a solution which can meet our standard to be part of a “neat machine.” Hope you will like it as they do.

No binder clips, please.

Binder clips have become the typical solution in many desktop 3D printers to hold the print surface to the build platform. Although they work fine for the purpose of carrying the print surface, they waste otherwise usable print area on the edges, interfere with the extruder nozzle, and give an “unfinished” look to your printer. The Artifex 3D Printer comes with newly designed HBP (Heated Build Platform) corners, which have securing slots to hold the glass plate and the heat spreader in place. The HBP corners can be easily slid out to release the glass top if you need to access the lens for maintenance.

3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D Printer

3dmakerworld artifex 3d printer

Less vibration means faster and quieter printing

In the original MendelMax 2.0 design, at high 3D printing speed, there is large vibration. Such vibration created lots of noise and also caused quality problems in the finished parts. The majority of such wave resulted from the large gap between the Y-axis rail and its carriages. The 3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D Printer uses upgraded Y-axis carriages with adjustable clearance capability. By reducing the difference between the Y-axis rail and the carriages, the 3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D Printer can achieve quiet and high-quality printing even at high speed.

Three-point bed leveling system

If you have ever tried both three-point and four-point bed leveling systems, you certainly know how much easier the bed leveling could be with a three-point leveling system. Yes, the 3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D Printer comes with a three-point bed leveling system in place to ease the leveling process.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpc-Mr0OzZA]

Adjustable Z-axis zeroing

As you continue advancing into the world of 3D printing, you will find the need to fine tune the distance between the extruder nozzle and the print surface. Such process is called Z-axis zeroing. The Artifex 3D Printer provides the adjustable Z-axis zeroing capability. It uses an adjustable Z-axis end-stop trigger to precisely adjust the nozzle height without messing up the bed level.

HBP cable strain relief

The HBP heater moves along the Y-axis with the build platform. The joint between the wire of HBP heater and the build platform is often a weak point due to the strain applied during continuous movement. A strain relief is made into the Artifex 3D Printer to secure and support the cable of HBP heater.

3dmakerworld artifex 3d printer

3dmakerworld artifex 3d printer

Enclosed ElectronicsEnclosed electronics with dedicated cooling fan

Safe operation and easy maintenance surround the electronics board on the Artifex 3D Printer. The electronics case also contains a dedicated cooling fan to cool the electronic components during printing.

24V power supply with convenient power switch

The 3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D Printer uses a 24V power supply to provide better heating capability on heated bed and to improve motor performance at high printing speed. For the purpose of safety and aesthetics, top/bottom covers and back panel enclose all wire connectors. An easy-reach power switch is installed on the control panel to turn on and off the power to the printer conveniently.

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