3D Printing Facts

So what is 3D printing and more importantly, how does 3D printing work?

In traditional manufacturing, the process to create a complex object can sometimes be lengthy. There may be various metals required to fabricate the shapes and glues or to solder to join objects of strange shapes together. This process can be a multiple stage operation and can be costly.

3D printing changes all that by making three-dimensional objects from digital models. The 3D printer is designed to dispense material (generally a plastic or metal) in continuous layers by a precision nozzle. This technique can create incredibly complex models and shapes much simpler than traditional manufacturing.

What can 3D printing do?

“The sky is the limit” in 3D printing. The technology has been around for a while but is still very much in its infancy as far as the capabilities of the 3D printers, the speed of their use and the cost of the materials. However, it is shortsighted to think that this won’t change sometime soon in the future.

Already industries such as Jewelry, Footwear, Industrial Design, Medical, Automotive, Engineering and Architecture use 3D printing widely. These industries may end up using 3D printing to assist their processes or even replace their traditional methods entirely.

It is exciting to think bones, ears, noses and maybe even organs could be created by 3D printers to save people’s lives in the medical sector. Or those 3D printers could print out your evening meal, or even at a more basic level create that one custom object you need to replace or fix in your home. Mostly they will print anything that you can represent in a 3D model and which you have the material to build the object.

What does the future hold?

3D printers will transform the way traditional manufacturing works. Items that used to be expensive or time-consuming to model and build will in the future be able to be created quickly and more easily on a 3D printer. As 3D printing takes a foothold, it is not unreasonable to also assume that 3D printers will find their ways into more and more homes.

You can 3D Print a part on the car, a household item, toys for the children, etc. You can download a 3D model from your smartphone and send it to the 3D printer at the house, or in the office ready for you to collect when you get in.

3D printing is already an industrial revolution. Nevertheless, 3D Scanning is something necessary to empower all the potential of 3D Printing. With 3D Scans, you will be able to print anything around you. That brings enormous opportunities into that field.

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