3D Printer Companies

3D printing has become popular with time and 3D Printer Companies making these products have earned a lot of profit in the recent time because of the use in the industries and homes. 3D printer companies divide into two sectors industrial and household sector.

Industrial Sector 3D Printer Companies

Objet Geometries:

This company was founded in 1998 and is amongst the leader in the 3D printing for fast additive manufacturing and prototyping.

The main products of this company are:

  • Connex multi-material 3D printers.
  • Eden 3D printers.
  • Object desktop printers.

The offices of this company are in Mexico, USA, Europe, China, Japan and Hong Kong.

Z Corporation:

Founded in the year 1994. The company makes and manufactures 3D printers with high definition that are capable of printing multicolored parts. They also supply with fast prototyping and 3D scanners that can make plastic prototypes.

The products manufactured by this company are:

  • 3D printers like ZPrinters.
  • Fast prototyping machines like Zbuilder Ultra.
  • 3D scanners naming Z scanner series.

The facilities of this company locate in MA, Burlington, USA and Japan and Denmark.


Founded in the year 1988 and it makes 3D manufacturing systems and 3D printers for digital production markets.

The products made by this company are:

  • Dimension 3D printers.
  • Fortus 3D manufacturing systems.

3D Systems:

The group was founded in the year 1986 and supplies parts for 3D printing, Rapid Manufacturing, and fast prototyping.

The products made by this company are:

  • V-Flash 3D printer.
  • Projet 3D professional printers.

The offices of this company situate in Rock Hill, USA, and SC.

Home Sector 3D Printer Companies

Makerbot Industries:

Owners founded the company in 2009, and it found on the open principles. The 3D machines made by this company are made to be used quickly and without much trouble. The primary product of the company is Thing-O-Matic, and the company locates in the USA.


It is an open hardware design company that makes kits for high-performance 3D printers. The main products made by the corporation are ultimaker kits, and the company locates in Netherlands.


3D Systems acquired the company, and it makes 3D printers for the desktop. It also makes materials, kits, and accessories. The principal products made by the corporation are Axis 2.1 and Glider 3.0. The company locates in the USA.

[email protected]:

It is an open source injection printer for the personal use made at the Cornell University made for printing of food and other materials. The main products this company produces are [email protected] V1.0 that is sufficient for one syringe system and also two syringe systems. The company locates in the USA.

These 3D printer companies are the best for the both the industry and the home sector and are a reliable name to buy printers.

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